It all began in the distant past of the last century with the iconic Kodak 127 - a simple camera where the only decision required was whether it was "Sunny" or "Cloudy" everything else was automatic!. I was then hooked on photography from a very early age. As and when funds permitted I advanced to better quality equipment ending up with a Pentax ME Super in the days of film. Many hours in my tiny darkroom followed where I learnt the dark art of developing and printing lessons from which still equally apply in the digital age.

Born, brought up and educated in the City of Glasgow my early work would be described as "documentary" photography today. Recording images of the city as it started to transform itself from its gritty industrial past with horrendous housing in the 60's to eventually emerge as a tourist destination that it has now become.

A move to the town of Nairn on the Moray Firth opened up a whole new photographic opportunity as I found myself on the doorstep of some of the worlds greatest scenery. Locations that attracted photographers from far and wide were now within easy reach.

Faced with such a range of iconic locations my philosophy is now to"avoid the obvious and embrace the unusual" whereby I look beyond the obvious and recognised vistas and attempt to capture my own interpretation of the land and nature.

Light and Shade, Patterns created by both man and nature attract me together with the quirky everyday images that occur - its just a matter of looking.